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AAM Defence striker 17

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The STRIKER-17 is specially designed for combat use. The silencer is designed and manufactured in Lithuania using the latest 3D metal printing technology. Innovative solutions significantly reduce sound dispersion and create excellent conditions for a shooter who wants to remain unnoticed. The non-glossy surface, neutral color and simple shape will help you blend in with your surroundings. The STRIKER-17 silencer does not use additional camouflage coatings. Super alloy INCONEL 718 guarantees durability. Significantly reduced blowback ensures minimal contamination of the weapon and comfort for the shooter. A small recoil ensures accuracy and reduces the fatigue of the shooter. The structure of the silencer consists of two parts. This ensures easy assembly and disassembly, as well as simple maintenance and cleaning.

AAM Defense is a rapidly advancing manufacturer of weapon attachments using innovative 3D printing technologies. Our team consists of professionals from various shooting disciplines who are well versed in their field. Their advanced technologies, the highest quality equipment and the best quality materials ensure the durability, precision and longevity of the manufactured silencers. Their coordinate the entire production process – from assessment of customer needs, recommendations for choosing the most suitable product, to its receipt.

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