Lithuanian Defense and Security Industry Leaders Honored, Product of the Year Announced

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Vilnius, Lithuania – November 27, 2023: The inaugural Lithuanian defense and security industry awards 2023  took place in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, where leaders in the sector were recognized for their outstanding contributions. The event showcased achievements in both domestic and foreign markets, applauding exceptional products, services, and IT solutions for defense and security, as well as recognizing leadership in business and public activities. 

This event represents the initial instance of its kind in the Baltic region.

The nomination procedure and the culminating event provided a comprehensive overview of the Lithuanian defense and security industry—highlighting its potential, achievements, unique products, innovations, and its pivotal role in the economy and defense system. Preceding the awards ceremony, a panel discussion titled "What is the Future of the Lithuanian Defense Industry" and an exhibition featuring Lithuanian productions dedicated to defense and security set the stage for the evening.

The event garnered significant interest from key decision-makers in business, politics, diplomacy, and the military. Notably, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Ingrida Šimonytė, served as the patron of the awards event, underscoring the importance of the Lithuanian defense and security industry. The event's special guest was General Valdemaras Rupšys, the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Representatives from the industry were acknowledged across nine categories. Below, we present the nominees and winners.

RICE 1 RSI Europe Awards 2023


Top Honors for Defense and Security: RISE-1 Takes the Crown

In the realm of defense and security products, the spotlight falls on RISE-1, a sophisticated long-range smart initiation system meticulously crafted for military engineering applications. Positioned at the forefront of defense operations, RISE-1 excels in orchestrating diversions deep within the enemy's rear. Developed and refined by RSI Europe throughout the year, this product has garnered notable acclaim in NATO countries and on the Ukrainian front.

  Competing for the coveted title of Best Product also were:
 Atri TINDS DVE Thermal driver system

TINDS DVE Driver's Vision Enhancer System (ATRI): Engineered to operate combat vehicles seamlessly in extreme weather conditions and during nighttime maneuvers. This cutting-edge system endows the driver with a comprehensive horizontal thermal vision field of up to 360°, functioning without the need for infrared lighting or other external light sources.

 ADS 625 Thermal Sight ADOS PRO

 ADS-625 Thermal Sight (ADOS PRO): Standing out as one of the smallest and most user-friendly sights in its category, the ADS-625 is a result of extensive consultations with the NATO Special Operations Forces community. Boasting advanced sensors, a specially designed eyepiece with an expansive viewing field, and a robust premium aluminum body, this thermal sight sets new standards.

 SkyWiper Omni NT service

SkyWiper-OMNI System (NT Service): Creating a protective dome that obstructs the control, video transmission, and navigation systems of unmanned aircraft, the SkyWiper-OMNI System stands as a fortress against the swarm of unmanned threats. Within this shielded space, attacking columns or fortified combat units find refuge from the aerial onslaught. SkyWiper-OMNI, together with its sister product SkyWiper (EDM4S) has a very good battle proven reputation while countering enemy’s drones in the battlefront. 

These innovative products exemplify the pinnacle of defense and security technology, showcasing ingenuity and excellence in their respective categories.

 NT Service awards 2023 

Firm of the Year: NT Service Takes Center Stage In the realm of telecommunications engineering and defense, NT Service emerges as the distinguished Company of the Year. With a rich 25-year history, NT Service stands as a pioneer in Europe, implementing a state-of-the-art mobile communication system for alerting and informing residents. However, its impact extends beyond borders, as the company has made significant contributions to the Lithuanian defense industry through the development and production of highly effective counter drone protection systems. These systems, tested in real combat conditions by the Armed Forces and Volunteers of Ukraine, are now exported, showcasing the company's commitment to excellence. NT Service has also demonstrated excellence in innovation and collaboration. 

Nominees in the category included:

The company ADOS PRO, with over a decade of experience in optoelectronics development and production, stands as a testament to this. Engaging in innovation projects with the European Union alongside major players in the defense industry, and participating in European Defence Agency (EDA) initiatives aimed at shaping "warrior systems of the future," ADOS PRO has proven its prowess in advancing cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla (GGG), the official supplier of NATO cartridges certified small arms ammunition, secures its position in the spotlight. Operating in three shifts and continuously expanding its product range, GGG competes on an international scale, exporting over 95 percent of its products produced in Lithuania. This ensures a steady supply for both military and civilian sectors, reinforcing its vital role in the defense industry.

The roster of distinguished companies doesn't end there. RSI Europe, a young and dynamic high-tech company specializing in electronics and communication products for defense, has made its mark with the revolutionary RISE-1 remote detonation system. Deployed in both defensive operations at the frontline's hottest points and in covert maneuvers behind enemy lines, RISE-1 showcases RSI Europe's commitment to innovation in the defense sector.

NT Service, along with these notable companies, exemplifies the pinnacle of achievement, innovation, and dedication in the ever-evolving landscape of the defense industry.


Other Standout Awardees

 HNIT BALTIC awards 2023

IT Company of the Year went to HNIT-Baltic, recognized for its digital technology solutions in the defense and security sector. Nominees in the category included Baltic Amadeus, NRD Cyber Security, and Pixpro, all active players in defense and security operations.

 Mindaugas Nacevicius2023 11 2748675

Taking the title of Service Provider of the Year was Lithuania Defense Services (LDS), a specialist in military equipment maintenance and repair. LDS is the only service center in the Baltic region, which has full capabilities to maintain full services for German made MBTs, IFV and other heavy armored vehicles. In this center the vehicles that were damaged in the battlefront of Ukraine are also repaired.

Other notable nominees were Arijus (logistics and host nation support), the Center of Physical and Technological Sciences (scientific, research, and experimental activities), and Kitron (production of electronic components).

 ScaleWolf awards 2023A commendable inclusion was companies outside the Lithuanian Defense and Security Industry Association (LDSIA) being acknowledged for their contributions to the country's defense and security sector. The non-LDSIA Company of the Year accolade went to a venture capital fund with special accelerator programs for dual-use technologies ScaleWolf.

 Vitalija Lapina Altimus Tech Awards 2023

Recognizing outstanding leadership, Vitalija Lapina of Altimus-Tech was awarded Business Representative of the Year for her contributions to defense business development and societal engagement.

 ADOS PRO awards 2023

Rokas Kasevičius of ADOS PRO earned the title of Male Business Representative of the Year.

 Greta Monika Tuckute Award 2023

Vice-Minister of National Defense, Greta Monika Tučkutė, received the prestigious Defense Leader of the Year award for her pivotal role in shaping the country's defense and security policy.

 Erika Kurockina Awards 2023

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation clinched the title of State Institution of the Year, acknowledging its robust competencies and sustained partnership with the business community.


The unique Lithuanian Defense and Security Industry Award, crafted by a collaborative effort among members of the Lithuanian Defense and Security Industry Association, features a symbol—a sword and shield in a hexagon—3D printed from INCONEL 718 alloy, typically used for silencers in automatic firearms. 

This award is poised to become an annual tradition, symbolizing excellence and innovation in the defense and security industry.

The event, characterized by its vibrant atmosphere, extensive participation, exhibition of unique productions, and open discussions, marks the commencement of a new era of collaboration between institutions and industry. Anticipating increased understanding, collaborative efforts, and consequently, heightened security for Lithuania, its friends, partners, and allies.



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